Haiku Sequence #2

The wind once told me when death sleeps he dreams of life- What does life dream of?   There is no off switch, my mind is always ticking. Please please please please stop.   A flare gun unboxed, suspense makes me feel alive. Erotolepsy.   But what is the point? I hate being existential- Is … More Haiku Sequence #2

Haiku sequence #1

The fence has given up splintering, moaning, flagging. The pond is grateful.   The chairs have feinted, swooning in the gale- “go and pick them up”.   They’ve trimmed them again the trees have all been capped, maimed- They are amputrees.     Written 28/01/18 🙂   ~Mills

Five Ingredient Festive Fudge (vegan) ^-^

YOU  WILL  NEED: 800g Billingtons’ Light Brown Sugar. One 397g can of condensed milk. (Vegans can use the dairy free version). 250g soft, lightly salted butter. (Again, Vegans can use things like Earth Balance buttery sticks). One bag of white chocolate milkybar buttons (Or Green and Black’s white chocolate). (Optional: You can also add a … More Five Ingredient Festive Fudge (vegan) ^-^